Create IoT solutions without additional embedded software or RF engineering. Connect to multiple sensors with our stackable add-ons, or even use your own. Just configure sensors, connect battery and add-on, and connect to any cloud.

Intelligent Route Replay

Replay the route a bus has taken

Real Time Tracking

Track your bus in real-time on the web or app.

Parent Alerts

Ward's parents alert.

Speed Estimates

Get average and real-time speed.

Over Speeding Alerts

Set a target speed and get SMS alerts on over speed.

Panic Button Alert

SOS/Panic button for students to get emergency help inside the school bus.

User Friendly and Easy to operate

Cost-effective and quick recurring cost

Fuel Management

Driver Performance Analysis

Ideal for heavy-duty vehicles and containers

Alert on Tampering


When making a decision on a supplier we evaluate them to be sure they are right for us. We invite you to do the same as in our opinion best business is done when customers and suppliers have like-minded objectives and values.
Proud of our credentials.

GPSBOX has been supplying live real-time GPS vehicle tracking longer than any other company worldwide. We have the highest productivity in our industry and our experience in what we do is second to none. The industry acknowledges our abilities to do what we say. Our products are built to last whereas competitors often replace equipment yearly and still cannot match GPSBOX for robustness and reliability.

Our customers choose GPSBOX because:

Easy to use

Long-term value

Honest approach

Product knowledge

Understanding of their requirements

The people at GPSBOX

“What you think… we can develop & provide”

Dashboard & Analytics:

  • Real Time Location Reporting
  • Map Routing with Shortest & Quickest Path
  • Replay Vehicle Location History
  • Real-time Alerts & Notification
  • Fleet Status Monitoring

Fuel Monitoring & Control:

  • Accurate Fuel Management
  • Fuel Savings and Control
  • Fuel Theft Control
  • Measurement of the Actual Engine Fuel Consumption
  • Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Assessment

Driving Behavior Monitoring:

  • Monitor Driver Speeds
  • Analyse Driver Behaviour
  • Harsh Braking
  • Harsh Acceleration
  • Alerts to Take Action in Real Time
  • Start and Stop Times Alerts
  • Excessive Idling Alerts

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System:

  • Anti Tires Theft Realtime
  • Monitoring Tires Pressure & Tires Temperature
  • Alarms for Tires Pressure & Tires Temperature
  • Valve-cap External Sensors
  • Anti Theft Sensors Mounting Design
  • Intelligent Power Consumption on 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer
  • Extend the Life of the Tire & Better Tires Management
  • Reduce Tires Maintenance Cost
  • Save Clients Money

Cargo & Container Solution:

  • Geo-Fencing Alerts
  • Routing Break Alerts
  • Door Open / Door Closed Alerts
  • Monitor Temperature for Shipped products
  • Continuous GSM or Satellite Connectivity
  • Easy and Cost Effective Installation