Live Location

24 x 7 live location of your vehicle in your smart phone.

Over Speed Alert

Control overspeeding with overspeeding alerts.

Panic Button

Send emergency alert by just pressing a button.

Enzine Immobilizer

Stop you car's engine with just one click.

Accident Alert

Get instant alert in case of an impact to your Vehicle.

Vehicle Calling

Get instant call on your number in case of a theft.

Geo-Fence Notification

Set fences fot your vehicle and get an alert in case of a breach.

Power Backup

Device can run on its own power source for upto 48 hrs and can be recharge with a mobile charger.

Tampering Alert

Get alert in case of GPS Box Tampering by someone.

Due Date Notification

Get due date alert for your service, insurance & pollution.

Car Navigation

Navigation to your car in case of theft.

Car Finder

Find oyur cars location in heavy parking lots.

Track Any Vehicle



2 Wheelers



Person Tracking




Asset Tracking


Any Valuable Asset

Reat-Time GPS Tracking of Any Vehicle, Person or Asset

View live location of your vehicle, person or assets in your desktop and mobile. Control your device's features with easy to use web portal and mobile app.

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